About Us

The web is a world of business opportunity.

More to the point, it has the potential to bring customers from all corners of the globe to your virtual place of business – to your global shop window.

Firefly Website Development is based in Manchester, but we’re not limited by location. In fact, we have clients throughout the UK and beyond and, not surprisingly with our comprehensive capability, across a very wide range of disciplines.

Bringing you the world

For instance, our client base includes online casinos, banks, payday loan companies, national charities, ecommerce businesses, consulting firms and a very wide range of SME’s.But then, the internet isn’t constrained by status or geography. It’s an interactive trading hub for all kinds of businesses, and we know how to capitalise on its full potential for our clients – by providing a full range of web development services including site design and build, SEO and internet marketing services, working across all platforms and devices, and all digital media from animation to web video.

Harnessing the stars

Of course, having the technical expertise to build great sites wouldn’t be so good without the online marketing knowledge and expertise to help create impact and generate attract high levels of traffic. That’s why we place such importance on the people that work for Firefly. We only use the very best. Those that have earned their place at the digital cutting edge, and have shown they know how to deliver real results.

All so that our clients can maximise the return on their investment, and enhance and consolidate their position in an increasingly dynamic marketplace.

But perhaps the most important thing you should know about us is that we won’t settle for standard. No ‘me too’ solutions for Firefly. We consider every client is an individual that deserves a bespoke and brilliant solution.

You could say it’s where we shine.