Firefly Is Pleased To Announce Involvement With Mobile Force Field

Firefly Is Pleased To Announce Involvement With The Mobile Force Field

At Firefly we are always looking to branch out into new areas. Even though we keep ourselves busy with website design and development we have recently expanded into the app sector and we are pleased to announce that we have played a role in Mobile Force Field.

In many ways expanding into different areas is the next step for our developers and we were more than happy to use our expertise to help develop this fantastic piece of software.


Depositphotos_7641593_xsWhat is Mobile Force Field?

In an age when kids have so much technology at their fingertips it is important to keep an eye on what they are using it for. Nearly 3 million kids in the UK use a smartphone or tablet device regularly and the idea behind Mobile Force Field is that while it is good for kids to have smartphone’s and tablets it is also vital that parents and guardians know what they are using it for or who is contacting them.

Mobile Force Field has been touted as the first proactive app that anticipates if a text message or picture is inappropriate and then sends this to the parents. While there are other monitoring apps out there that can help to keep an eye on smartphone’s and tablets, this is the first that takes a preemptive approach.


Blocking And Geo-Locating

The great thing about this app that we worked on is that it stops messages even getting to the device in question. Rather than it being sent successfully to a smartphone for instance and then diverted to the parents, Mobile Force Field diverts the inappropriate material before it even reaches your child’s device.

There is also a handy geo-locating feature as well that can track the location of the smartphone or tablet. So for instance you can create a ‘boundary’ where your child is permitted to venture within however as soon as they cross this geographical line – a couple of streets away for example – then an alert is sent to you. The great thing about this app and one of the reasons we were so happy to be on board with it is that custom alerts and profiles can be set up. You might want to allow you children to have a certain degree of freedom and this can be incorporated into the settings within the app itself.


An Innovative App

login_page_2We are really excited about the release of Mobile Force Field and it represents a new step for Firefly.

In fact, it is already being supported by City In The Community – an initiative by Manchester City Football Club that has been supporting and developing community projects in the city for over 2 decades now – as well as other community organizations.

We are not just about developing websites here at Firefly rather we extend our expertise into a number of areas while supporting projects like this as well. If you want to keep up to date with Mobile Force Field then you can visit the website at or check back here for updates.