The Business Show

Firefly Websites To Attend The Business Show

At Firefly Websites we are not just content with what we have – instead we are always looking to branch out into new areas, meet new people and see how web design and development is evolving. This is why we are pleased to announce that we will be attending the 2014 The Business Show that is being held on the 27th and 28th of November at the Olympia in London.

The event has been running for over a decade now and actually comprises of two separate events that have been amalgamated into one: ‘The Great British Business Show’ and ‘Business Startup’. The reason that we are so excited to be a part of this event in 2014 is that it not only gives us the chance to meet other businesses and figures in the industry but it also provides us with a platform to explore web development and its future.

Over the past 5 years web development has evolved at a sensational rate and new changes and trends are emerging all the time. In fact we have blogged about them before however The Business Show allows us the opportunity to discuss and explore these changes with other like-minded individuals and businesses. At Firefly Websites we have never viewed other web developers as competition per se rather we look at the industry as providing a way for us all to work together to offer a better and more effective service for our clients.

The Business ShowThe Business Show attracts over 25,000 people every year and includes workshops, seminars and speeches from the best of British and international business. This includes James Caan, Clive Rich and David Gold. While we are there also to expand our business and attract new customers – it would be stupid to pass this opportunity up – we want to learn from others in the web development sector and also help share our own expertise as well.

For example we have a really innovative team at Firefly Websites and we want to be able to share that innovation and creativity in a constructive manner to benefit the industry as a whole while also engaging with others in the sector. The Business Show is currently the fastest growing business event in Europe and one of the most talked about in the world as it attracts businesses and key figures from all over the world and provides us with the chance to branch out to other countries and continents.

Firefly Websites will be at Stand 558 during the two day event so be sure to come along and say hello. Even if you are unsure if you need a new website or if you are just interested in what our ideas are for the future of web design and development then pop along and hear what we have to say.

This event is only held two days every year and we are proud to be a part of it and to be able to share the future of web design with other developers and the public at large.