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Fundamental SEO Tips For Web Designers

One of the first questions that will probably pop into your head when you see the title of this post is ‘what has SEO got to do with web design?!’ It is a fair question. At Firefly we incorporate a whole range of different services from the design process itself to a marketing strategy and… Read more »

What Is Responsive Web Design

Why is responsive website design important?

What Is Responsive Web Design And Why Is It Important? In an age when people access websites through a variety of different devices, responsive web design has become a hot topic and something that is necessary for many web designers. Here at Firefly Websites we are always eager to explore new web design concepts and… Read more »

Firefly’s New Web Design Now Online: D. E. Halligan

Stunning Custom Web Design for Author D. E. Halligan Here at Firefly Websites we love to work with everyone from big commercial companies to local businesses and we even cater for personal websites as well. They need just as much thought and attention to detail as any other site. Recently our newest web design has gone… Read more »

Website Design Gallery for

Website Design Gallery for Author D. E. Halligan D. E. Halligan is a novelist, writer and coach to many writers and has been creating short stories for many years particularly around massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPG’s). We felt that the site we designed for her had to reflect her work and her tastes so we… Read more »