Improving Web Design With Video

How Can you Start Improving Web Design With Video?

Even before YouTube was a thing, video was widely used and incorporated into web design. Indeed there is compelling evidence to suggest that using video increases all aspects of a website from how quickly the information is digested, how attractive it is to potential customers and also to how much of an impact it has on trust and credibility.


Research from SEOmoz showed that blog posts with video attracted up to 3x more inbound links on average and, furthermore, a study by ComScore showed that customers stay on a website for two minutes longer if there is video content and over 60% will make a purchase based on this.

In fact video can impact on just about every aspect of your website and your business.



Having multimedia present on your site and incorporated into the design gives a certain degree of interactivity for the user. Instead of just plain text and words, the information on a video can be digested quicker and helps make the process of selling items or just providing information much more efficient. Web sites that combine web design with video and post updates are valued highly by consumers and people visiting the site in general.


Brand awareness and trust

If a company or even an individual is willing to either go on video themselves or create one about their product or service then this is a huge advantage with credibility. Especially for new businesses starting out gaining credibility online can be difficult. With video however it fast tracks the process as more people are likely to trust a brand that uses this particular form of multimedia. It has a great effect on raising brand awareness and can really build trust between the website/company and the end user.


Effect on sales

We have already mentioned how over 60% of consumers can be swayed into making a purchase by the use of video alone. This form of media has an almost universal effect on influencing consumers. Video testimonials, product demonstrations and general videos about services can be the difference between making a sale and losing a potential lead. Video might not be the only way in which to advertise and increase conversions but it is one of the most effective.


FireFly can create sites with easy video integration

Here at FireFly Websites we have a long history in combining web design with video for a variety of purposes. Not every website is built to host video or to integrate it easily into its design however we ensure that this is a possibility even if it is not being used all the time. Our hands on designers can create a website that will utilize video either as a main feature or as an option to ensure that your company or personal site benefits from all the advantages we have mentioned here.

If you want to find out more about how we can help to create the perfect site for your needs then don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.