Fundamental SEO Tips For Web Designers

One of the first questions that will probably pop into your head when you see the title of this post is ‘what has SEO got to do with web design?!’

It is a fair question. At Firefly we incorporate a whole range of different services from the design process itself to a marketing strategy and also a little thing called Search Engine Optimization. Essentially SEO governs how easy it will be for people to find your website and for you to get traffic. A site with bad SEO will not be a successful one hence the emphasis we place on good SEO.

However, how can the actual design of the website enhance its SEO potential?


Responsive Web Design Doesn’t Dilute Link Quality

We are big fans of responsive web design and one of the great things about it – other than allowing mobile users to easily access your site – is that it enhances your SEO.

When using a responsive design alongside your normal browser site you still only have one URL for the same site. This means that the quality of your link is not diluted or weakened. So you aren’t building backlinks to both your mobile and browser site because if someone clicks on the link to your browser site on a mobile device (smartphone or tablet for example) then the website will automatically convert to the responsive design.

Google Hates Slow Pages

OK, Google isn’t the be all and end all of a websites success but it is one of the most important ways in which to generate traffic to your site, raise its profile and make sales. Why does this matter to web design? Well Google hates slow pages.

The search engine has been on somewhat of a crusade recently in that over the past 5 years it has been actively punishing sites that are not conducive to the user. So for SEO purposes and getting your site ranked high in the Google listings, a slow loading site with a clunky design is going to be harmful to your chances. These days web design should be focused on rapid speed and not making the user wait for flashy designs to load.

Sharing Content Around The Web

Multimedia sharing with SmartphoneOur final tip for web designer’s is to ensure that content can be easily shared on the website.

SEO is as much about putting keywords into content as it is getting it shared on social media or through email. With the rapid rise in social networks any web designer these days need to ensure that there is prominent sharing buttons and options on the website that can share either specific pages and articles or even the whole site with the click of the mouse.

So these are our top tips for web designers who want to ensure that their sites are just as effective in an aesthetic and SEO sense. At Firefly we have considerable experience in dealing with SEO so all our sites are tailor made to suit your SEO and keyword needs.

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