Where Do We Get Our Web Design Inspiration?

Where Do We Get Our Web Design Inspiration From At FireFly?

web design inspiration from products and cleint

The web design inspiration for this site came from images of the products and ideas from the customer

Ask any designer where they get their web design inspiration from and you will probably get a different answer every time. Some will find creativeness in their own thoughts while for others a particular specification will just jump out at them.

Here at FireFly Websites our inspiration comes from a variety of sources and when it comes to a custom website made by us then the customer is where we will get most of our ideas from. In fact, this is the best method in which to build a website. Let’s look at an example to illustrate this.

So you want to get a custom site built by a web designer for your business. You approach a web design company with some ideas and they tell you what they think your site should look like. You agree because they are professionals, right? However when the design comes in it just doesn’t suit your business whatsoever. Maybe the colour scheme is off or the layout doesn’t work; either way it has cost time, money and effort to create a design that isn’t suited to your needs.

We recognized that this was a mistake that many web designers make and we sought to correct it. At FireFly we follow a process which ensures that you get the design that you want for your website. It can be difficult to have creative web design inspiration however the way we work ensures that every website is functional and suited to that individual or business.

Custom Web Design for Author D. E. Halligan

The web design inspiration for Author D. E. Halligan’s website cam from downloading and reading the books

So when you do approach us we have a detailed discussion with our clients about several aspects of the site: the kind of design they have in mind, colour schemes, features, images and the vibe or feel of the site and business itself. We look for examples of similar sites and, if it is an author’s website for instance, we go as far as to read the books that they have written to get a feel for their writing and style.

When it comes to corporate web design inspiration we ensure to research their products and services to get a true representation of the company on the website and within the design. We then give it to an individual designer at FireFly websites to work on who will keep a direct line of communication open with the client and look at what competitors are doing and aim to better it. In a way this is taking a good concept, adding a creative edge to it and creating a website that is suitable for the client whether that be a personal site or for a business.

At FireFly Websites we want to create each site so that it is specific to the needs of the individual or company. There is no generic template we follow and we are very flexible; indeed we can add that creative inspirational touch to an outline or plan that you already have.

If you want to find out how you can get a website tailored to your exact needs then get in touch with us to find out what we can offer.