How To Plan A Website

Learn How To Plan A Website

Sometimes we feel like this blog is focusing solely on the design part of a website. OK, it kind of makes sense seeing as we are a web design company however a lot of our work also deals with the development side of things as this is why we want to show you how to plan a website.

A good and effective website isn’t created overnight. It needs planning, consideration and a lot of effort to produce a site that is not only beautifully and uniquely designed but it also structured and well thought out.

Below you will find our 3 top tips for planning a website.

Preparing Your Site

Before you even think about the design – we won’t touch on the aesthetics as such in this blog update – or how the website is going to be run you need to figure out who it is going to appeal to.

Who is the website going to be aimed at? Is it people in your field whereby you can get away with a more complicated or technical site or is it a general site where you need to keep things simple? In this stage you need to decide on what group the website is going to be aimed at, how in depth it is going to be and what the overall purpose is.

The Website Landscape And Features

Once you have decided what the website is going to be used for then you need to get the features in place.

For example is your site aimed at consumers buying a certain product? If it is then you are going to need debit and credit card processing. Maybe your site is going to showcase reviews and in that case you need to have multimedia embedding (for videos) and also comment features as well. This stage is all about adding meat to the bones of stage one. Figure out what the site is for then what you are going to need to make it work.

Navigating Around Your Site

Finally you need to pay attention to your navigation.

This overlaps with a stage that we are not focusing on in this update (because we have talked about it extensively elsewhere) but navigation means more than simply how it fits into the aesthetics of your site. You should decide on the number of pages you are going to use on the site and how they are going to be interlinked. These days the fewer pages you have the better because it ensures that you content gets straight to the point and doesn’t provide a confusing navigation system for the visitor. As a general rule have at least a home page, an about us section, FAQ, contact and a blog.

This is basically how you plan a website.

There is obviously more technical things to be discussed but using these three steps with your design thrown in as well (minimalist and unique designs are the theme nowadays) will give you a good footing to create an effective website.

As always get in touch with us if you need more information on website planning and development.